IoT Networks

The vast potential of IoT to enable new business opportunities, streamline operations, and reduce costs is accompanied by significant IT challenges, including the diversity and widespread distribution of IoT devices, the need for a pervasive and elastic wireless WAN with more intelligence at the edge, and far-reaching security implications.

Simplify how you connect, protect, and manage IoT devices.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Solution Packages for IoT Networks deliver pervasive broadband connectivity, cloud-like agility, software extensibility, and perimeter-based security for a wide variety of IoT and M2M deployments located anywhere. Cradlepoint’s IoT routers are cloud-managed and can be deployed anywhere in days instead of months. Benefits include:

  • Compact & flexible solution
  • Extensibility dock
  • Device management & more
  • Built-in security for IoT & M2M
  • Edge Computing for customized cost-efficiencies
  • LTE leadership today & tomorrow

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